Here is a conundrum indeed! How soon can you solve it?

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My object in parading this private affair before the reader is to commemorate the remarkable series of events and convey the evidence of what love can build and what it can destroy.

I present to you here a true story with written evidence that came to my possession through the hands and words of the primary witnesses, who happen to be my friends. I intend to preserve everybody’s incognito in this tale, so let me reveal no names, no places.

Imagine a tiny town where everybody knows each other. If you think this place quiet and unremarkable, you cannot be…


Penetrate the darkness which clouded over the fate of one girl

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This story begins in a sheepfold — it associates with kids — gropes its way through dreadful life mutilation, and stops where only death reigns.

I reveal this tale in the first person — the way it was told to me by my cousin, let it be written. I’ll use all my mastery over the written word to give it the voice and mood of the people involved.

I was guilty of an act of naughtiness every time I had any chance to tax my parents’ patience. How mischievous I was — matters of no moment. You can laugh at…


My best friend happened to be a monomaniac

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Her boyfriend falling in love with me was the last link that held back her devilish hatred.

Eva and I were friends from the first day in college. For seven years, we were spending hours together, talking in person and on the phone. She was a year older and had an air of superiority about her. Now I know I felt some patronage chord in her attitude towards me. A simple village girl, I was shy and sensitive to every misfortune and any offender — easy prey for a person in need of dominance.

Our decision to live together was…


The valuable wisdom of the Tao Te Ching teaches how to avoid a common blunder of many otherwise happy couples

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Phantasmagoric guarantors of family happiness are care above any considerations and love beyond any measure.

43rd Verse

The softest of all things overrides the hardest of all things.

That without substance enters where there is no space. Hence I know the value of nonaction.

Teaching without words, performing without actions — few in the world can grasp it — that is the master’s way.

Rare indeed are those who obtain the beauty of this world.

- Lao-Tzu 2nd Verse of “Tao Te Ching.”

The Tao Te Ching, a book of wisdom, is considered by many scholars as teaching that guarantees…


How lazy life attitude can feel good and gift you with new happiness

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Languor has all the diablerie that can come from the toffee and coffee and just as much my craving to it.

When I am close to becoming stressed, I leave only self, self, self — and find a blissful fascination in stripping my life of the finery with which schedules and expectations clothe it. Idleness thaws the icicles in my heart, making me spend time with myself and thinking about what I want. …


I don’t need wine, cos’ I’m intoxicated with words

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Bury yourself in an inexplicable sweetness of my words.

The walls are never a prison, and any roof never stifles me. I manage to preserve the adventurism while being locked and isolated, for my words are real, as solid and true as every imaginable experience. They are the product of chaos, clutter, greed, insatiable hunger — love, tender feeling, sexual satisfaction, loving enthusiasm, and every possible set of emotions and reactions.

Like a hundred amorets, a swarm of words flies about my head. They leap from idea to idea and shot their arrows of completed sentences and passages into my…


Real love is quiet, calm, and boring.

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Loose and misguided young fellows look for fireworks in love to continue. It is exhausting to look for a long time at the multitude of colors with your eyes open.

He was a forest, immeasurable, pathless, and enchanted. He was luring me to a lifelong adventure. Being close to this person made me feel intoxicated with passionate joy, intrigued by the insanity of his feeling toward me. No other handsome man had ever cast this spell on me. Was he my passport to happiness?

I didn’t have an agenda for my love. I didn’t form an idea of how it…


She had acquired only delight from the perusal of the years together

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When the despair of death eats into your soul, the only consolation left is to live in a fool’s paradise of happy memories.

Time is a perfect filter. It clears the memory of emotions suffered through.

My father was aggressively cheerful and terribly charismatic. He began every conversation with passion and ended it in an obsession. Women always had conceived for him a dog-like adoration. My mother accepted it rebelliously, but it caused her pain. She looked upon it as a cross that her shoulders were strong enough to bear. …


I know in my heart that ‘I cannot promise’ and ‘No’ is worth saying

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Spiritual topsy-turvydome is released when you pull its ugly nose and rejoice at the universal lack of activity.

Of late, I witnessed an urgent need to educate myself in all the riff-raffs of the art of promising nothing.

We were married for only a year, and we were comic in a tragedy of our incongruities. I was all the unconscious and elementary promising and planning. He was an utter superiority in relaxation, passionate leisure, and relief. I thirsted first and last to know what happens next, to clear the picture of tomorrow. My husband needed to get clear of the whole poisonous atmosphere of ‘must-s’ and ‘have to-s’. He wanted to say “I don’t know” to any question involving the…


These methods awaken self-love and gentle inner peace

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I will carry the burden of misery and angry emotions away from your life. My words will penetrate the silence of your pain, the night in your head.

I am a great mixture of different feelings. My emotional distress used to run me into a blind alley each time I had any misunderstanding with my husband, friends, acquaintances. I didn’t express my distress openly, on the contrary — I always was a very amiable person to spend time with, very quiet, calm, and visibly tranquil. But my inner passions used to surge, and I was losing inner control and… my…

Olya Aman

My pen is the finest instrument of amazement, entertainment, motivation and enjoyment, chasing each other across pages.

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